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Please welcome Dawn Morningstar

Dawn Morningstar (her given name) was raised by her grandmother Rosie, who taught her to be kind, tenacious and self-empowered. Dawn is an award-winning author, master coach, podcast host, educator, TEDx Speaker (Oakland), former radio talk show host and devoted advocate for women’s self-empowerment. Since her book “Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World” was published in 2016, Dawn has spoken to groups of all sizes over 1,200 times.

After coaching women for over 30 years, Dawn founded Venerable Women in 2013 and has most recently co-founded New World Women with Mecca Page and Shawn Vougeot. Both organizations teach women to be kind, tenacious and self-empowered! New World Women expands women’s consciousness and increases their prosperity using a very unique model–paying women to practice self-care, learn new things, stay inspired and help others. At this point, there is no other model like New World Women’s in the world.

One of Dawn’s great journeys to higher consciousness began in 2015 when she spent 21 days in the silence at Ekam (Oneness) in India. In May of 2020, Dawn became an Ekam Mitra (Spiritual Friend/Guide), trained by Ekam faculty and Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji the co-founders of Ekam and O&O Academy in India. The mission of Ekam, which Dawn fully shares, is to end human suffering and help all people live in a beautiful state of being.

Please welcome Annie Gibbins

If you have never felt the full force of a Success Catalyst before, you are in for a treat when you meet Annie Gibbins. Her raw energy and authentic storytelling will draw you in, blow your mind, challenge your mindset and leave you screaming for more inspiration.

As a highly sought after Global Women’s Success Catalyst, Fempreneur, Podcast Host, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Author, Annie is prominently positioned as a leading voice for women in business and leadership.

Since Founding Women’s Biz Global, Annie has coached thousands of women from around the world to achieve success, balance, and happiness by calling out limiting beliefs, clarifying the purpose, and constructing strong business practices to grow and succeed.

Please welcome Nicole Simonin

You are just getting started at mid-life.

We all want to feel healthy and free in our bodies, to feel we are living our best life. But sometimes, it seems that responsibilities and obligations get in the way.

I am here to assure you that they don’t have to. You can live a fuller and healthier life. I’d love to partner with you to make that happen!

Please welcome Zondra Evans

Zondra is a captivating, compelling force on the platform, arming her audiences with current, creative, and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills and personal growth. Zondra’s revitalizing messages make her the inspired choice for memorable and entertaining, seminars, lunches, and partner programs. She offers a dynamic mix of message and realism, interspersing concrete solutions and street-smart insights.

Please welcome Sarah Troy 

We are activating your unique Self Discovery one show at a time.

Self Discovery Wisdom Podcasts are at your fingertips, just waiting to inspire and invite you in discovering just how awesome you really are and how to navigate through life into joy, enrichment, and personal abundance in mind, body, spirit, heart, and soul.

We are all on a life’s journey of self-discovery and we all require guidance and support along the way; we have that for you in great quantity with all those who are sharing their own wisdom and skills with you right here on Self Discovery Orchard of Wisdom Podcasts.

Please welcome Cathy Derksen

Cathy Derksen is a catalyst and disruptor, supporting and inspiring midlife women to rediscover their brilliance and step into new possibilities. As the founder of her company Inspired Tenacity Global Solutions Inc, Cathy helps women take on the courage to face major changes in their life. After working in finance for over a decade, she left her corporate job and started Inspired Tenacity to focus on helping women create success on their own terms.

Cathy is an international speaker and a 10x bestselling author who inspires her audience to dream big and take a leap of faith in reaching their goals. She has created a platform supporting women to share their own inspiring stories in books, TV, and podcasts. With her all-in-one program, Cathy takes you from chapter concept to published bestselling author in a simple, exciting process. 

Please welcome Jody Sainsbury

The Kickass Women’s core purpose is to support the career success of women of all ages in Non-Traditional Roles within the Rail, Mining,  Resources, STEM and Construction Industries and everything we do reflects that intent.

Our Mission is to empower the women wanting to enter into these industries through outreach programs, continuing education, advocacy, mentoring, networking and ongoing support to promote employment, retention, encouragement and unity between both new and seasoned female workers in Hi-Vis -“Glo Getters”.

Please welcome Vivien Schapera

Vivien Schapera began her career by training first in clinical psychology, and then in the Alexander Technique, a hands-on method for retraining neuromuscular dynamics.

Through this work, Vivien developed a refined sensitivity to energy, leading her to add healing to her skills.

Perceiving a need for healing to become a recognized profession, Vivien founded FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts & Sciences (1999), a school for training healers. Vivien’s books include Everyday Magic (2002 and 2020) a memoir, and How to Lose Weight and Gain Money (2004). In 2020, Vivien published an award-winning, groundbreaking textbook, The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, introducing the world to a new form of crystal healing.

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