April 12


12:00 pm

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In 1999, Beth and Rick Olsen experienced a tragedy that no parent should ever have to go through: A drunk driver, traveling 80mph, ran a red light on a Sunday afternoon killing our two and only children, Jessica and Joshua.

The immediate aftermath of such a monumental loss proved to be a numbing haze filled with police, family, friends, and media. But it wasn’t long before Beth and Rick began receiving messages from their deceased children, assuring them that they weren’t actually gone—and ultimately proving the existence of life after death.
Almost 24 years later, Beth and Rick share what they learned during their painful journey in order to help those who have experienced similar tragedy. Once again living in a house filled with children’s laughter, the Olsen’s prove that it is not only possible to survive such a devastating blow, but to eventually thrive.
They knew that they would write a book when they were standing in the receiving line at their children’s funerals. Fifteen years later the time was right for that to happen. Beth and Rick feel that the signs their children gave them, help the world to understand that there is more to life than just death.

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