April 19


12:00 pm

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War, Competition, Subjugation. It’s the engine that’s run the world since the dawn of agriculture. The sublimation of the feminine and illusory principle of separation.
In Eli Coberly’s powerful War in the Hearts of Men, he traces how we arrived at a world where men feel compelled to dominate, to hide their tenderness and compassion, to show their toughness and to propagate war—and how this is leading the planet directly down a path of self-destruction. But this book isn’t a sociological treatise. Eli’s quest didn’t come from sitting in a library studying history. It began with his own harrowing experience as a teenage paratrooper, with seeing and experiencing needless neglect, emotional abuse, physical battering and loss of life stemming directly from this societal conditioning. But that was just the starting place.

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